Businesses are fast learning the value and importance of hiring Security to protect their people and assets. They also know having an Armed Officer is a major responsibility.  

The Universal Secuirty Armed Guard/Officer Course is the premier and most sought out training Academy Certification in Tennessee. We combine class room instruction and range training. The 16-hour curriculum provides the confidence required to carry a firearm in pursuit of a professional career in the Security Specialist Industry.

Course PreRequisite

Tennessee Enhanced Gun Permit  

Classroom Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before we begin

    • Course Outline

  • 2


    • Tennessee Private Protective Services Licensing and Regulatory Act and Administrative Rules

    • Role of a Security Officer/Guard

    • Attitude and Conduct of Security Officers/Guards

  • 3

    Legal Powers and Limitations of a Security Guard/Officer

    • Authority - Reference Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 62-35

    • Criminal and Civil Laws and Liabilities

  • 4

    Emergency Procedures

    • General First Aid

    • Emergency Evacuation and Notification Procedures

  • 5

    General Duties

    • General Duties

    • Patrol Procedures (Foot and Vehicle)

    • General Security Terminology

    • Report Writing

  • 6

    Legal Limitations and Liability Issues in the use of a Firearm

    • Authority - Reference to TN Code Title 62-35 Annotated

    • Criminal and Civil Laws and Liabilities - Reference to TN Code Title 40

    • Tennessee Self-Defense Laws

    • Tennessee Law Regarding the use of Deadly Force

  • 7

    Handling of a Firearm

    • Proper Firearm Carry Procedures and Holsters

    • Marksmanship Video

    • Basics of Marksmanship

    • Firearm Nomenclature, Operation, and Function

  • 8

    Safety and Maintenance

    • Safe Gun Handling Video

    • Safe Firearm Handling

    • Firearm Storage at Home, Work, and Transporting

    • Cleaning and Care of a Firearm

  • 9

    Final Exam

    • Before you go...

    • Test Requirements and Upon Passing

    • Final Exam


  • Reliable Centerfire Firearm  (firearms available for rent) every additional firearm added to your registration $25/ weapon 

  • 2 Magazines (Minimum)  

  • Outside the Waistband Holster (If you own your own firearm)  

  • Rugged Belt  

  • Spare Magazine Holder  

  • Eye and Ear Protection  

  • Rugged/Comfortable Clothes and Shoes  

  • 50 rounds of practice ammunition  (available for purchase if needed) 

  • Please clean your gun in advance of the course or bring your gun cleaning kit with you 

  • Notebook and pen 


Under Tennessee Law: each Armed Security Officer MUST qualify/certify with each firearm they are going to carry while on duty. This means by make, model, and caliber. 

Restricted Items:
• Serpa Type, Shoulder, or Small of the Back Holsters

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